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A Message for the New Year from the President

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Dear Council members and colleagues in ASMRM


Huge greeting from Taiwan especially in the Christmas Season and New Year of 2017. There are several inspired news and reports from the scientific community in Mitochondria 2016. Peter Sutovsky, a professor of reproductive physiology at Mizzou have published a discovery in PNAS 2016 that disclose paternal mitochondrial DNA removal process in pig embryos by the shutdown the gene expression of SQSTM1 and valosin-containing proteins thus creating embryos with "heteroplasmy". This finding potentiates the future study about the reduction of heteroplasmy in maternal mitochondrial mutant DNA. Monocercomonoides, exceptional eukaryotes without mitochondria, was found in the guts of a chinchilla which characteristics were advocated in Current Biology2016 which redefined the mitochondrial impact to the eukaryote survival. Potential strategy of druggable targeting in mitochondria was announced in Science Translation Medicine including protein modification, calcium ion transport, and mitochondrial dynamics, published in Cell Chemical Biology 2016, provides insights into disease mechanisms in conditions where the dysfunction of channel concealed under the pathogenesis of stroke, heart attack and neurodegenerative disease like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. Exhilaratively, the 2016 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine is awarded to Yoshinori Ohsumi for his discoveries of mechanisms for autophagy a new paradigm in the understanding of how the cell recycles its contents including mitochondria particularly. These achievements of mitochondrial scientists make the commitment of ASMRM to the engagement in the human life better than ever.


In 2017, the board of ASMRM will provide the service especially in the interconnection by the ASMRM Web ( generously designed by Prof Jin Han, especially in the information sharing related to the instruction of ASMRM mission, vision, academic activities and council members including bulletins from the individual mitochondrial society. Possibly, announcement of potentially international cooperation either funding or programs from domestic or international foundation will be flashed in this web. However, I shall be allied with all of you to give the best blessing to all nations including South Korea, Japan, China, Taiwan, Singapore, India, and Australia living in the Asia continental for many obstacles to hold the signal crosstalk in the Mitochondrial Eden.


Finally, ASMRM shall give the extremely irreplaceable recognition to our former ASMRM Presidents, Prof Hong Kyu Lee,Prof Yau-Huei Wei, Prof Masashi Tanaka, Prof Min-Xin Guan and Prof Myung-Shik Lee with their extraordinary contribution to the ASMRM as excellently dynamic mitochondria ever since.



May the Mitochondrial Force be with you…………Star Wars



Chin San Liu MD PhD

Director, Vascular and Genomic Center, Neurology Department, Changhua Christian Hospital, Taiwan

Professor, Medical Institution, Chung Shan Medical University, Taiwan

Professor, Medical Institution, China Medical University, Taiwan

President, Taiwan Society for Mitochondrial Research and Medicine



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