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Message from President of ASMRM 2017 Report of annual meeting of ASMRM 2017 at Xi’an, China

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Message from President of ASMRM 2017

Report of annual meeting of ASMRM 2017 at Xi’an, China


Good day to every colleagues of ASMRM.

I got an image after complete the journey of Xi’an with annual meeting of ASMRM 2017. The map of Asia family arose in my mind that mitochondrial HalpoGroup D imprinted in the people living in Sinosphere, or East Asian cultural sphere. We all originate from the same mother that we call “our brother and sister” in each. From the address of welcome message written by Prof Jian-Kang Liu also enlighten the culture impact from Tang Dynasty to the countries around China. There is a real kind of thought we coming from same family.

  Prof Jian Kang Liu, Prof Yang Liu and Prof Quan Chen just show the enthusiasm and passion to organize the biennial meeting of 8th SFRR-Asia and 14th ASMRM. Nearly around 50~60 speakers including young scientists were invited. The number of participants shall be approached into 400. All registered attendants or speakers arrived not only from Chinese both sides across the straits, Korea, Japan also continental area of State and Europe.   

 The main theme of the biennial meeting just focused in the Cross Talk between Free Radicals and Mitochondria including translation medicine, discovery of nature antioxidant, fundamental research in mitochondrial biogenesis, mitochondrial disorder, pathogenesis of free radical and translation medicine involved in both sciences. Prof Enrique Cadenas delivery a 1st keynote speech related the “insulin resistance in brain energy metabolism and inflammation” indicate that hypometabolic state of brain may be rescued by lipoic acid treatment via a thiol/disulfide mechanism. Prof Daiming Fan, the former President of Fourth Military Medical University in China, just give an inspirational speech related to the integrative medicine towards a new era of medical advancement- illumination to holistic medicine. Two renowned scientists, Prof Daniel Tsun-Yee Chiu and Prof Yau-Huei Wei shared two beautiful talks in honorary professorship lecture and received the honorary doctorate from Xi’an Jiaotong University. Around 20 scientist and students get the awards from organizing committee and inspired all the participants with the passion of research in either mitochondrial science or free radical medicine.

Finally, we have a solid council meeting of ASMRM either enriched in the friendship also empowered the structure of ASMRM including the sustainable bylaw. Especially, we all thanks a million to our KSMRM President, Prof Minho Shong, provide a great support in the host of 2018 ASMRM annual meeting at Busan, Korea. That’s make a deal and looking forward to have a family reunion of ASMRM at Busan for the warm contact in each brothers and sisters and lasting our passion in mitochondrial science and medicine


Sincerely Yours


Patrick Chin San Liu

President of TSMRM/ASMRM

Director, institute of ATP (iATP), Changhua Christian Hospital

Professor in Neurology, Chung Shan Medical University, Taiwan



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